Protesting against Service Pact at Formosa Boulevard and Central Park

中文版 Chinese Version

As soon I heard that there was going to be an event supporting the Occupy of Legislative Yuan, I didn’t hesitate at all before I decided to take part in it, because I support the Service Pact being reviewed clause-by-clause. I also really want to show the students who are occupying the Legislative Yuan now that they are not alone!

I know a lot of people could not sleep at all in the middle of night on the 19th, following the news update of a lot of activist groups on Facebook. I am really nervous. I know if this doesn’t grow bigger soon, the government is going to think they can just ignore us. Even though there have been a lot of protests all over Taiwan now, and the government still says nothing. This doesn’t mean that our protests mean nothing and don’t work though. Instead, we need even more people to stand up and speak up. More people means more power!

I went to the protest at Formosa Boulevard MRT last night. Today I went again to the protest at the intersection of Wufu and Zhongshan. My experience was that the protests in Kaohsiung really seem thousand times easier than the ones in Taipei. Taipei police were ordered to clear the people occupying the Legislative Yuan. The police in Kaohsiung were leading the people to go inside of the protesting event, with big smiles on their faces. The major who went through the Formosa Incident even came to speak to us to show support. Today at the protest at Central Park, from time to time there would be people giving us a big thumb-up.CIMG6288 CIMG6289 CIMG6299 CIMG6302


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